ASAPpliance Repair Charlotte - 1 Year WarrantyOur customers expect us to stand behind our work and we know how important this is. All repairs we perform for you are backed by a one-year parts AND labor warranty. This means that if our repair fails within a one-year window, we will send a technician to take care of it and our company will cover the full cost of labor and any required parts.

Most appliances are built in such a way that some components will depend on other components to function properly — for example, if your refrigerator’s motherboard is malfunctioning then in most cases your refrigerator’s compressor is not going to function properly even though there may be nothing wrong with the compressor itself. Further complications can arise from the fact that not all components can be tested for errors in isolation. This means that there is a small percentage of repairs where an additional visit may be required to ensure everything is functioning properly.

In the event that your appliance fails after our technician has performed service, you don’t have to worry:

  1. We warranty our parts AND labor for a full 365 days after service. If within this time a part goes bad, we will cover the full cost of the replacement as well as the installation. We charge a flat fee of $59.95 for issues arising more than 30 days after the initial repair.
  2. To ensure quality, we make every effort to obtain the original manufacturer part for your appliance. In the event that the original part is no longer being manufactured or is backordered beyond a date that you are comfortable waiting, we will use an aftermarket part of the highest possible quality.

As a growing company, our highest priority is that you are satisfied with the service you receive from us. We’ve learned from decades of experience in the appliance repair industry that repeat and referral business is what allows us to thrive. When our customers are happy, we are happy. Our ambition is to build a relationship of trust with our customer base and become the go-to company for all your future appliance repair needs.

Is your appliance having an issue after our repair service? Please call us at (704) 901-8050 — or e-mail us and we will do everything we can to resolve the problem to your satisfaction.

Thank you for your business!